"We were impressed with not only the contacts Gail had but the type of relationship she nurtured was equally impressive. We saw a genuine connection between her and her media contacts which is the type of relationship we want to have with our customers. Gail is EXACTLY the type of professional we look for no matter the industry."

 - James H. La, Founder, NIUCOCO


"Gail McInnes is a "connected angel". UforChange has retained Gail's services several times. Every time she has delivered and delivered big! She opens doors to sponsors and elite guests to the event. Her event planning and ability to market are valuable assets.  Magazine stories or ads, radio interviews along with TV broadcasts are all in Gail's toolbox."

Lea Vares Greenwood, Executive Director, UforChange 

"Gail is a rare gem. She knows absolutely everyone in the Canadian fashion industry and works tirelessly to brings the best talent, brands and media together to put a spotlight on local designers, from emerging to established. She has done many different PR programs for INLAND, each time with great success. She is fun, easygoing, but most importantly - real. It's been a pleasure working with her." 

- Sarah Power, Founder & Creative Director, INLAND 


"Gail is one of Canada’s leading communicators and entrepreneurs. Not only has she become a great success for herself in the difficult to break into and even harder to succeed world of fashion PR; she has shared that success and experience with others. Gail is a force to be reckoned with in the best possible way. Her tidal wave effect on the industry is not only a testament to her exceptional skill, but to her generous and philanthropic nature. Many people are aficionados of their own career and business–Gail is passionate about the entire industry and taking the Canadian fashion scene with her to the next level.”

- Sabrina Maddeaux, Award-Winning Journalist & Reporter

“Gail is an incredible force of drive that is to be reckoned with! She has successfully developed and filled a void in Canadian Fashion, by introducing designers to industry and high profile personalities. This has pushed local Canadian designers further and farther than before, resulting in increased awareness among the public and the understanding of the importance of local recognition with a worldly flare!”

- Camilla Jorgensen, Owner & Designer, MICALLA

“Gail is a powerful force in the fashion industry. She has not only brought some major media attention to [Toronto Arts & Fashion Week] as well as some high profile celebrities, but has also helped elevate many of the designers who participate at Toronto Arts and Fashion Week by gaining important coverage for their work, and helping them to grow and expand their businesses into new markets. She is a driven individual and a joy to work with.”

- Vanja Vasic, Executive Director, Toronto Arts and Fashion Week